Article Sidebars

The JoomlaXTC Framework includes Side Bar positions for Joomla Articles. This solves one of the most frustrating parts of Joomla; The ability to display a left or right module position only on Joomla Article pages and not on the Category page. The only method up till now has been linking each article to a menu item and setting the modules to display on that menu link.

How Sidebars Work

The JoomlaXTC sidebars work by adding your modules to the 'sidebarleft' or 'sidebarright' module positions and selecting the module to show on all pages. For more control you can select on all pages except and exclude some articles.

Mobile Map

Module Styles

Departure comes with 60+ module suffix styles. Each suffix style can be used in conjunction with others : Simply use an underscore '_' to bridge the suffix styles!

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